Traditional Stone Restoration

Flanders memorial garden
May 1, 2017
Remato Constructions
July 19, 2018

Traditional Stone Restoration

I was very impressed with the quality of the Portland stone you supplied for our very prestigious project at the Australian War.Memorial in Canberra.

As you know, we ordered 4 additional pieces of the Portland stone to mitigate the risk of any stone being delivered with a defect and of course as promised every stone was perfect and the 4 additional pieces are now safely in storage at the Australian War Memorial.

The stone being so finely grained was a pleasure to work and letter cut into. The results are fortunately in the public arena for all to see and appreciate. We look very forward to working with you on the supply of more of this marvellous product in the near future.

James Ginter Director, Traditional Restoration Company May 1, 2017